Welcome to 1st Thirteen. We are a Veteran owned, American clothing company. If you support us, you're supporting America!!!

About Us

1st Thirteen is a U.S. Marine owned and operated small business based out of Idaho.  We were established to harbor and defend traditional American values that are being trampled upon by anti-patriots.  Our designs are created by veterans, first responders and civilian patriots...you know, those 'Mericans who love guns, BBQ, bacon, beer and freedom!!! 

Our clothing brand is not only for current and former service members, it's for anyone that loves America and their fellow Americans.  It's for those that believe some individuals or groups are trying to destroy the very fabric America was born from; whom will voice their beliefs by displaying them on their clothing, anywhere they go, as we will not be silenced. 

All of our clothing is printed in the U.S. and shipped domestically.

Thanks for taking the time to check out our online store!